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Appeals judge grants Uber and Lyft a temporary stay

For those drivers in California unlike those driving Cabs, it seems there is still hope on the horizon. The Uber-Lyft versus people of California saga continued this week. The latest is that Uber and Lyft will not be shutting down their respective ride-hailing services. That decision came following an appeals court judge’s decision to grant them a temporary stay on the preliminary injunction order that seeks to force them to immediately reclassify their drivers as employees.

There’s no saying when this will all be resolved, but here’s what happens next:

8/25: Uber and Lyft must file written statements by 5 p.m. PT agreeing to expedited procedures in the appeals process. If they agree, the stay will remain in place until the appeal is resolved.

9/4: Both Uber and Lyft must submit sworn statements with implementation plans for complying with the law within 30 days if the court upholds the trial court’s injunction order and if their California ballot measure that aims to keep drivers classified as independent contractors, Prop 22, doesn’t pass.

10/13: Oral arguments in the appeal case begin.

Meanwhile, as Uber and Lyft were threatening to shut down and awaiting a ruling from the judge, rideshare drivers held an action outside of Uber’s San Francisco headquarters. At the rally, San Francisco Supervisor Matt Haney showed his support for drivers.

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