Are Uber and Lyft getting rid of drivers with high trip counts & ratings. Yes - American Taxi learns

Get a Taxi by calling 706 993 7948, or search Taxi, Taxis, Cab, Cabs, Taxi near me, Cabs near me and we will send you a reliable driver with good work ethic. Are Uber and Lyft getting rid of drivers with high trip counts & ratings. Yes. Normally companies prefer to keep very active employees as American Taxi would rather do with its Cab drivers. However reports had it that some ride hail companies get rid of drivers with high trip counts. According to some comments; knowing too much or asking too many questions as a driver could cost you

Fit Connect says "The drivers who have such high trip counts have been doing it a while and have become educated to all the shenanigans. Uber & Lyft always depend on fresh people who come in under the latest terms of service and cuts who are just happy to get on the platform and start out thinking what they’re getting is normal and haven’t started complaining and experienced the shenanigans yet"

Corey Reed "Your correct! I just asked what Uber was charging per mile as that information has disappeared from the Trip breakdown and wasn't given an answer. "Support" just told me that I have the option to drive or not to drive and I should accept every trip regardless of the trip is worth it or not or get penalized. I really hate that I fell into the trap with them" Franks101 says " I said this years ago with the recruitment they game through high turn over. because newbies are so dumb and old are too educated on how to make a way through the mess".