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I would rather take Uber than Taxi, says Passenger

When Uber started operating indirectly as Taxi Cab Company in Augusta, GA, 5 to 6 years ago, it was like having a new born baby with so much excitement. With help of other ride hail gig companies it spent hundreds of millions of dollars to discredit and run off Taxis that have be in service for almost hundred years using different strategies including misinformation, misguided rules and policies, and paid media outlets, and it worked in their favor. On several occasions, one could hear regular Taxi drivers- American taxi Cab of Augusta been caused loudly by passengers claiming that Cab companies have been ripping them off for so long, and now Uber and Lyft are here to save the day. In fact, an American Taxi Cab of Augusta driver was bluntly told that he used to hate with passion taking Taxis since Uber and Lyft started operating in Evans and Grovetown, GA area however, he found out that he couldn't get Uber/Lyft in his area as fast as it used to be because for many reasons ride hail drivers have decided not to work for the companies anymore due to wear and tear on their vehicles and not enough they make to even do maintenance of their vehicles talk less of make ends meet through the ride hail service provider.

This seems to become good news for Taxicab Companies that are now seeing increase in number of Cab request by customers. For all your Taxi needs, call American Taxi Cab of Augusta