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Lack of ride share drivers leads to Taxi Services making comeback

As more of Augusta GA businesses continue to reopen, the demand for rideshare drivers continues as well. There is demand for Uber and Lyft rides in Augusta, Evans, Grovetown, Waynesboro GA in the past few months but not enough drivers on the road. While it frustrates locals and visitors, it is helping bring business back to Cab Services provided by Taxi Companies. “It took us like 20-25 minutes to wait for the Uber,” Calvin Simmons, an American Taxi Cab of Augusta rider said. “We ordered a Lyft and we waited and waited and it was 30 minutes or so and it still didn’t show up. We eventually cancelled after an hour of wait before calling your Cab Company" He said. This is a very common story by hundreds of Uber riders who now often take their frustrations on Cabs these days.

In reality, getting a Cab for example on a Smartphone is not same as looking for Uber/Lyft ride. Business visibility on Google Search Engine plays a great role and Business owners must have knowledge of Google Algorithm in order to survive. This is not same for Uber/Lyft

Uber’s mission statement is “Transportation as reliable as running water, everywhere for everyone.” In a precise way, the statement draws attention to what the company is all about – treating its customers to memorable services. The following components can be linked to this mission statement: Improvement of lives, Everywhere for everyone. Uber’s vision statement is “We ignite opportunity by setting the world in motion.” The vision statement is all about the level of influence the company has not only in the transportation niche but also in other life processes that depend on what it does.

At the launch of Uber, and Lyft over 95 % of Taxi riders were happy to read about the vision statements thinking their rides were just 5 minutes away. Many were happy to see death of Taxis due to several reasons including price, however, as Uber/Lyft drivers started noticing working long hours with little to cash in while Uber is making millions of dollars in profit, rules of the game started changing. Different States and Countries came with different laws and many court cases hanging in courts.

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