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Recently a customer called American Taxi Cab of Augusta-Augusta local cab service when her car broke down on I-20 not far Augusta. Our cab driver got there on time come to find out it would take another one hour waiting time for the tow truck to show up. With the new social distancing mandates come some new challenges that taxi service drivers using AAA or other roadside assistance services may want to be aware of. AAA and other roadside assistance service providers are still hard at work during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here in Augusta, GA and in the CSRA area, in particular, the COVID cases are under 100 new cases per day, lower than the recovery rate. Hospitals have more than enough capacity, and life is returning to normal.

However, AAA and roadside assistance providers are struggling to keep pace with the demand for towing and other roadside services. We learned this again last Sunday evening when some customers called our Cab company and requested pick up home due to tow of their vehicles.

Longer Wait Times The first surprise was that the AAA helpline warns drivers that due to the COVID pandemic, wait times are longer than usual. This was hard to understand given the fact that there are fewer drivers on the road. Shouldn't wait times be shorter? Next up was the longer than usual wait time to speak to an agent. We needed to call in a few times with wait times between six and 15 minutes before an agent would answer the line. When you are home, a wait like this is no big deal. When you are on the side of the highway the wait time just to begin your discussion about getting help can feel much longer. AAA has a great automated dispatch system that members/callers can use to get help with some services, but towing is not one of them. You need to wait to speak with a live agent. Their tow truck arrived about an hour and thirty minutes after they phoned for help. The driver was the usual from AAA - Experienced, polite, knowledgeable, and super helpful. But he could not offer us a ride.

Tow Trucks Will Not Allow You To Ride With the Driver One big change between the pre-COVID and post COVID protocols is that you are no longer allowed to ride in the cab with the tow truck driver to the place you are being towed. So, when you are stranded, you need to not only call AAA and get help with your vehicle, you also need to arrange your own transportation from your break-down location to home or to the repair shop.

Uber May Not Be A Viable Choice Since Uber drivers are considered gig workers and are qualified as self-employed, many of their drivers are receiving unemployment benefit due to Corvid 19, so getting Uber driver is not an easy option. Thankfully, taxis are operating normally, so any of our customers can call for one of our cabs to take them home.

When our customers tried to request an Uber ride on Sunday evening , no Uber service was available. Thus,they called American taxi cab of Augusta .Luckily, a cab driver was near their location within driving distance to help and give them a ride. Breaking down and requiring a tow is kind of stressful due to pandemic. AAA and roadside assistance companies that your insurance provider or your new car dealer offer are all viable options. Due to the COVID changes to how things work, we would also suggest trying a local 24-hour towing service if you breakdown. It may also be wise to think ahead about how you would get home if your vehicle needed to be towed far from home by looking for “Taxi near me”, “Cabs near me”, or “Cab near me” on your smartphone.You may be lucky to get one of our taxis nearby.

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