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Taxi drivers staying safe under COVID-19 - American Taxi Cab of Augusta

Cab drivers working during covid-19 stay home rules are facing challenges to keep themselves and their passengers safe, and rideshare service drivers face extra problems. Most companies are asking callers who request taxis especially around Augusta, Evans, Grovetown and cities nearby whether the travel is allowed under the stay home rules. If they don't meet the criteria then a taxi won't be dispatched. American Taxi Cab of Augusta is doing this responsibly in order to keep its cab drivers safe and to be sure its passengers build confidence in the safe service been provided.

Taxi drivers are already making efforts to clean their cabs between passengers. We are making sure surfaces are kept clean and disinfecting any hard surfaces. American taxi drivers are being told to consider only picking up one passenger at a time, and to have them sit in the back in the diagonal space to the driver, to try to maximize space between them. Drivers are also recommended to wear masks to protect themselves and passengers, and disinfect their hands after collecting fares from their passengers but sometimes are having difficulty getting hold of masks due to scarcity during pandemic. Whatever the situation is, American Taxi Cab of Augusta, GA is working hard to make sure that all our passengers have peace of mind riding in our cabs in this hard hit economy due to pandemic.

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