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Wearing masks for ‘Several years’ in Taxi Cabs or Uber due to Covid19

Have you wondered how you would feel if someone told you that this time next year a Taxi Cab driver working for say American Taxi Cab of Augusta may ask you to put on your mask when you are riding in one of their Cabs? I can imagine how uncomfortable that would sound since everyone’s expectation for now is Corvid 19 would or should have disappeared by then, well, unfortunately, health experts say they won’t ask Americans to take off their masks anytime soon even a year from now. On few occasions our cab drivers taking customers to Augusta Airport have often had problem convincing riders to use mask inside a Cab. By now it is expected that everyone should have wised up at least. That’s the take of Eric Toner, a senior scholar at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security. He has been preparing for an outbreak like the novel coronavirus as part of his work for years. Johns Hopkins practices virus simulations as part of its preparedness protocol, with the goal of offering public health experts and policymakers a blueprint for what to do in a pandemic. One of those simulations took place in October 2019, when Toner and a team of researchers launched a coronavirus pandemic simulation in New York, running through various scenarios on how residents, governments and private businesses would hypothetically react to the threat. One thing that stood out to him: Face coverings are a vital defense to stop the spread of the virus. He believes COVID-19 won’t slow down in the US even as states start to slowly reopen. “There’s going to be no summertime lull with a big wave in the fall,” he said as part of CNET’s Hacking the Apocalypse series. “It’s clear that we are having a significant resurgence of cases in the summer, and they’ll get bigger. And it’ll keep going until we lock things down again.” The US recently added about 43,000 COVID-19 cases to its 2.9 million total, according to the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. The death total has surpassed 130,000.

Toner, contrasting the novel virus to seasonal influenza, said until there is a vaccine, communities’ best defense against it is through creating distance and wearing masks.“I think that mask wearing and some degree of social distancing, we will be living with — hopefully living with happily — for several years,” he said. “It’s actually pretty straightforward. If we cover our faces, and both you and anyone you’re interacting with are wearing a mask, the risk of transmission goes way down.”

Dr. Anthony Fauci, a top official handling the US COVID-19 response, said recently he was cautiously optimistic that there could be a vaccine for the virus by 2021.For those who refuse to wear a mask in the interim, Toner said, they’ll eventually wise up.“They will get over it,” he says. “It’s just a question of how many people get sick and die before they get over it.”Whatever the situation may be a year from now, please do not feel intimidated if a driver in any of American Taxi Cab of Augusta taxis request you leave your face mask on. It helps you and those inside the taxi from the virus that has yet to have cure